Tuesday, October 16, 2007



A large federal study of the compound Thimerosal found that the mercury-based preservative used in vaccines does not raise the risk of neurological problems in children. The study found no clear link between early exposure to the preservative and difficulties with brain function and behavior in children aged 7 to 10.

Thimerosol has not been used in vaccines since 2001. It is still contained in some flu shots. Children, who were immunized before 2001 or exposed through vaccination by their mother while pregnant received good news. The evidence supports that these vaccines do not cause injury.

It had been thought that the vaccines interfered with the development of speech and language skills, motor coordination and intelligence. In this study the the children will also evaluated for stuttering, attention span and tic disorders such as headshaking,eye blinking, neck jerking . A total of 42 neurological problems were searched for. The study found no causation between neuropsychological damage and the preservative. However, boys who were exposed to high mercury levels had more tic problems.

The study which was performed by the CDC was reviewed by various scientists and statisticians. The study was dissented to by a member of consumer group called safeminds http://www.safeminds.org/. Many of the studies panel were found to have close ties to the drug industry. Was this another case of litigation literature?

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