Sunday, November 4, 2007

Medicare drug benefit

Medicare drug benefit begins its third year and the trouble is starting. It seems that about 2 million low income Medicare participants could be switched to a different insurance plan for their prescription coverage next year. Others will face double-digit increases in their monthly premiums unless they can find substitute coverage.

The reassignment coupled with higher premiums are reasons why seniors and disabled persons may want to purchase new plans. Under Medicaid open enrollment begins November 15 ands December 31. That is the time frame during which people can switch coverage.

The Medicare part B. plan will charge around $28 a month. There are approximately 1800 plans in the country and the premiums vary from about $9.80 for a basic benefit to about $107 for enhanced coverage. If you have received a letter from Medicare as 2 million people did it's time to start looking. Even if you have not received a letter its time to start looking.

The low income recipients are most likely covered under United healthcare or Humana and will be switched to Silverscript and Medco. Questions can be directed to 1800 Medicare or by contacting the state health insurance assistance program in your state. Http:// or contact
the Center for Medicare advocacy Http://

The ARP Medicare prescription preferred plan will increase monthly premium by 16%. Humana Inc. standard plan will increase by 71%. The ARP Medicare RX Save plan will increase 65%. At the same time Silverscript will lower its monthly premium by 24%.

Medicare prescription drug coverage and health coverage in general are complicated subjects. Please do not let you were open enrollment period pass without researching your coverage.

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