Friday, December 7, 2007

Conspiracy of silence

Conspiracy of silence

In 2000 the US Institute of medicine reported that approximately 90 8000 people die every year because of medical errors in hospitals. Now the annals of internal medicine report after surveying 1600 physicians in 2003 and 2004 that nearly half of all doctors failed to report incompetent or unethical colleagues. 46% of the physicians surveyed admitted that they knew of a serious medical errror but did not tell anyone about it. In effect the medical profession turns a blind eye towards the incompetence of the medical colleagues.

The statistics of this study were surprising. 96% said that physicians should report all instances of significant incompetence or medical errors. 45% of cardiologist and surgeons agreed. 85% of most of the doctors said they should inform patients about significant errors. This however did not occur. 40% of the doctors admitted to having knowledge of the serious medical error. 31% admitted they had done nothing about it at least once.

93% said they should provide medical care regardless of the ability of a patient pay but only 69% actually accepted patient could not pay. Most of the doctors agree that they need to keep up with changes in their profession but only 31% had undergone a competency review in the past three years.

This report paints a disturbing reality with regard to the ethics of the medical profession. State boards of medical examiners serve to license physicians but do not police or insurer quality medical care. The only hope that the general public has to ensure ethical medical treatment lies in the vigilance of the trial lawyers.

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