Saturday, August 30, 2008

intraventricular hemorrhage

New treatment for intraventricular hemorrhage

Dramatic improvements in the rate of death and disability have been reported in the treatment of intraventricular hemorrhage with the use of a catheter-based clot lysis using low-dose tissue plasminogen activation (tpa).

At the 17th European stroke conference results were presented for the study of clot lysis: evaluating accelerated resolution of intracranial hemorrhage. Administration of 1 mg TPA every eight hours for a maximum of four days reduced expected mortality by approximately 70% and resulted in dramatic improvements and functional outcomes. The mortality rate was 15% at 30 days. Usually a 30 day mortality rate was about 80 to 85%. Over the long run of 180 days more than 40% of the patients recovered well enough to live independently and 10% were completely normal with no deficits.

The study required daily CAT scans and careful monitoring of the drug. While the results are encouraging further trials of the protocol are being planned. Hopefully this will become the new standard of care for intraventricular hemorrhage.

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