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folic acid and premature birth

Folic acid and premature birth

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Folic acid taken by women one year prior to birth continuously appears to reduce the incidence of premature births. Folic acid has long been used to prevent birth defects. It also reduces the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and acts as a simple preventive measure for a variety of severe problems.

A premature birth is defined as one that occurs before 37 weeks gestation. The earlier a baby is delivered the greater the risk of complications including bleeding in the brain, infection, delayed growth and intestinal problems. Infants born at 28 weeks or later have a survival rate of about 90% according to National Institute of Health.

In a recent study which included about 40,000 women, who took a folic acid supplement for at least a year prior to becoming pregnant had a 70% reduction in premature delivery between 20 and 28 weeks of gestation. Further the risk was reduced to 50% during weeks 28 through 32.

400 mcg daily of folic acid are recommended a year before becoming pregnant and throughout the pregnancy.

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