Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reach age 100

Reach age 100

The archives of internal medicine, report that people who develop heart disease or diabetes late in life still have a decent shot at reaching the 100-year-old mark.

Boston University researchers conducted telephone interviews and health assessments of more than 700 people who had reached the age of a hundred. Approximately two thirds of them had avoided significant age-related ailments. But the remaining one third had developed age-related disease before reaching the age of 85 including high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. Nearly three fourths of the men could bathe and dress themselves while only about one third of the women could. This fact may be attributable to physiological and social conditions.

Having so-called good genes may not be the only factor leading to long jeopardy. The quality of the medical care the group received seemed to play an important role. Exercise is also important.

A second study of men in their 70s found that those who avoided smoking, obesity, connectivity diabetes and high blood pressure greatly improved the chances of living into their 90s. They had approximately 54% chance of living that long. Those with the least number of risk factors had better odds of survival. Age 85 and older are becoming the country's fastest-growing group of older adults.

As juries consider the damages inflicted by a negligent party the role of an increased lifespan will have to be taken into consideration. The duration of pain and suffering and the length of potential custodial and rehabilitative care may well reach beyond 100 years. The negligent party should be made to fully compensate the injured party. This means planning for a long life expectancy well beyond that suggested by current actuarial tables.

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